Why Harry Potter Is Important

For a very long time I was not interested in reading or watching the Harry Potter series. It was not something that interested me. However, the books kept showing up in my list of things that Kindle thought I should read. So I read them and I couldn’t put them down. But so much more happened as I read them. I felt moved to tell people about the lessons that I thought were being taught in the books. This is why after years of ignoring Harry Potter I feel compelled to tell everyone about the Good News contained within the story of Harry Potter.

All of this really hit me while I was reading Book 5 (Order of the Phoenix). I felt moved to invite people to join a real life Dumbledore’s Army. To invite people to join me and others around the world in standing up for truth justice and God’s way. Why? Because this world desperately needs more people who are willing to take a stand for what they believe in no matter the consequences.

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