Verse of the Day 12-16-20

God has forgiven you so you should be forgiving towards others. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting it means that you choose to not use the wrongs that have been done to you against those who have wronged. Jesus told a great story about a man who owned another man a great deal of money (millions of dollars in today’s money). When the holder of the debt tried to collect the debt the debtor begged the man to forgive his debts or at least give him more time to pay his debt. The debt holder forgave this man’s debt. However, as soon as this man left the presence of this person who had just forgiven him of a great debt he was met by a man owned him thousands of dollars. This man begged and pleaded for more time to pay his debt, but the man who was owed the money choose to not forgive this man’s debt and instead threw him in prison and sold his family into slavery to pay his debt. When the man who had forgiven the one who owned millions heard this he called the one he had forgiven into his presence and had him thrown into prison and possessions and family sold until his full debt was paid (Matthew 18:21-35). God expects you to forgive i the same manner that he forgives. Remember God has forgiven you of debt so great that you could never repay. When you choose to forgive you are choosing to love just as God loves you. Remember this today and everyday.

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