Verse of the Day 12-17-20

Paul reminds us to rejoice always, to be continually praying and to always be thankful. Joy and happiness are not the same thing. Happiness is a feeling that can change from day to day, whereas joy is a state of mind. You can choose to be joyful or rejoice even when you are not happy, because even if you are sad you still have things to rejoice about. That is why Paul tells us to rejoice always. The best way to cultivate joy is to constantly be praying. God will help you to grow and develop the fruit of joy in your life, but only if you ask him. Lastly the more thankful you are the more joy you will have in your life. You will find that as you give thanks for things that you have in your life, the more enjoyable you will find life. Your processions don’t bring you joy, your ability to be thankful for what you have and your willingness to use the things that you do have to do God’s will is what will bring you joy in your life.

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