Verse 12-21-20

Jesus is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew name Joshua, which literal means “the LORD saves”. Jesus came to earth to provide a way for his people to be saved. The question that you are probably asking is: who are God’s people. To the people of Jesus’ day they thought the people of God only included those who were of Jewish birth, but they were mistaken. Jesus very plainly told his disciples that everyone who does the will of God (Mark 4:31-35). If this is the case then who are the people the God. Every person on the earth is considered to be part of God’s people. God didn’t send Jesus to just save a select few people, he sent him to give every person the opportunity for salvation. This is the true reason that we celebrate Christmas: Christmas is the time of year that we official set aside to celebrate the coming of our savior, who came to save us from our sins.

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