Verse of the Day 12-24-20

The Magi came a great distance to see and worship Jesus. The gifts they offered him all carried special meaning (for more on the meaning of the gifts the Magi brought see post Advent: The Journey to Christmas, Day 23). More important than the gifts they brought is the fact that at Jesus’ birth he was already drawing people to him for all over the world. The Magi most likely came from modern day Iran and would have had no knowledge of the prophecies in the Bible. They did have an extensive knowledge of astrology and the stars. They knew when the saw the star the first time in the sky that a special king had been born in Judah. They willing left their homes and followed that star wherever it led them. Remember this this Christmas: no matter how far you are from God he is giving you signs that are pointing you back to him and all you have to do is follow. Be like the Magi and follow God wherever he leads you.

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