Verse of the Day 1-4-21

Matthew 4:1-11 recounts the temptation of Jesus. The devil comes and tempts Jesus after he has spent 40 days in the wilderness alone and with nothing to eat or drink. Remember this the devil will come and tempt you when you are at your weakest. Because Jesus had had no food for 40 days the first thing the devil tempts him with is instant gratification. “The tempter came to him and said, ‘If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread'” (Matthew 11:3 NIV). Jesus answered the devil with the words quoted in the image above. Which are words that come from the book Deuteronomy, one of the books of the law and part of the Jewish scriptures. Jesus with stood the temptations of the devil by falling back on the scriptures. The only way you can with stand the temptations of the devil is to have the same knowledge and understanding of the scriptures that Jesus had. Knowledge doesn’t mean just memorizing, but it means believing in them and having faith that they are the very words of God that are able to sustain you even in your darkest days and hours.

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