Verse of the Day 1-10-21

There is not such thing as Lone Ranger Christians. God did not create you to go through this life alone. God created you to go through this life with others. When you attempt to go through this life alone you set yourself up for failure. Alone you have no one to encourage you, no one to share your burdens with and most importantly no one to stand with you. Part of your calling as a follower of Christ is encourage other believers when they are down. The reason we see such a decline in church attendance and a decline in those who want anything to do with Christianity is because people don’t want anything to do with a group that shoots it’s own wounded. Image what the world would look like if instead of casting aside those who have stumbled within the Church, we picked them up and encouraged them in their struggles. Church is suppose to be a place where the wounded and broken can go to find healing, not a country club where you have to meet certain requirements to even get inside the door.

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