Verse of the Day 2-7-21

In the previous verses Paul had talked about something that he had begged God to take away. Paul doesn’t tell what this was only that it was a thorn in his flesh. However, he does tell us God’s response. God tells Paul that is his (God’s) grace is enough for him (Paul) and that his (God’s) power is made complete through weakness. God’s power doesn’t depend on how strong you are physically, but instead it depends on your willingness to rely on his all sufficient grace. Whatever Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” was did not stop him from fulfilling his God given calling. In fact it probably made him better at his God given calling, because he had to rely on God and not on himself. Whatever you feel your weaknesses are don’t let them stop you from fulfilling your God given calling. Rely God and his all sufficient grace to provide you the strength you need.

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