Verse of the Day 2-14-21

Love is something you will hear a lot about today. Why because it is Valentine’s Day. Today is day we associate with love and more specifically with romantic love. However, this is not the love that Paul is referring to here. Romantic love is tied to one’s feelings and can change with drop of the hat. That is why we say “we fell in/out of love”. The love Paul is referring to here goes much deeper than just a feeling of physical attraction and an infatuation with someone. The kind of love Paul is talking about is love that involves your being not just your heart. The Greeks used the word agapao to describe this kind of love. This is a thoughtful, intelligent and purposeful love involving entire personality, but primarily a decision of the mind and will. You have to choose to honor someone else over yourself. You have to choose to be devoted to that person. This is what true love looks like. This is the kind of love that Jesus modeled for us and it should be the kind of love that we are looking to show everyone around us.

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