Verse of the Day 2-17-21

What does Jesus mean when he says that if you want to be his disciple that you must take up your cross daily. To take up your cross daily is to die daily to self and to fix your thoughts and your actions on the things that will help build God’s kingdom here on earth not tear it down. That is why Jesus said to deny yourself. That doesn’t mean to deny your existence or your importance, but it does mean that you need to put aside those things that are hindering you from fulfilling your God given mission and calling in life. Jesus finishes this thought by saying that if you want to save your life you will lose, but if you are willing to lose your life for the sake of the gospel and Jesus then you will save. Jesus is telling you that you must have your priorities straight. If you are unwilling to risk everything for the sake of advancing God’s kingdom here on earth, then maybe Jesus is just a get out of hell free card and yes in the end you will get to go heaven, but you have already received your reward here on earth. However, if you are willing to put everything on the line to advance God’s kingdom here on earth, then yes you may lose your life here on earth but you will receive a much greater reward then anything you could possibly receive here on earth. You will get to the words “Well done my good faithful servant”. Put God first and see what will happen as result, it might just surprise you.

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