Verse of the Day 2-19-21

Paul is reiterating here what he wrote to the Corinthians about the attributes of love. He says here that we are to be humble, which means that we are to put others ahead of ourselves. This is completely different from what the world tells us to do. The world tells us that we should always be looking out for our best interests. We are, also, told to be patient. Again this is completely opposite from the world teaches. The world teaches us that instant gratification is more important than anything else. God, however, tells us time and time again to be patient and to wait for his timing not our timing. Lastly we our told to bear one another in love. Everything listed here is an attribute of true love. Not the emotional/romantic love that we often associate with the word, but love that involves not only your emotions but your mind and your ability to think and reason as well. You can’t be humble, gentle or patient unless you’re bearing each other in love. So let’s focus more on love and putting others first, and less on the things that divide us and the things that we want for ourselves. If we do this imagine the difference it would make in the world we live in.

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