Verse of the Day 2-24-21

Darwin’s theory of evolution tries to tell us that we were not made in God’s image and that we evolved from the very animals that God gave us rule over in the book of Genesis. Mainstream science has done much the same thing with the Big Bang theory. They say that God didn’t create the universe, because the universe came about because of a massive explosion. However, what they fail to realize is that the Big Bang theory was developed to counter sciences argument that God is not a scientific possibility. What mainstream science fails to realize is that something has to cause the Big Bang and that something was God. They try to chalk things like the position of the Earth where it is so that life can be sustained on it up to mere luck and happenstance. They refuse to see the hand of God in anything. When you look at the beauty and complexity of the created world how can you not believe that God created it by choice. The evidence of God is all around you, and you can either choose to accept that evidence as proof of God’s existence or you can ignore the evidence and deny God. The choice is yours, but choose wisely because your choice has eternal consequences.

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