Don’t Worry, Part 3

Peace that Surpasses All Understanding

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:7 NIV

When we have the peace of God, our problems, whether big or small, do not cause anxiety. Choosing a life with worry, even if the problem is small, will lead you to distress. Worry causes your problem to only get bigger. 

Problems appear smaller with the peace of God in your mind and heart. You are unshaken. Your circumstances are not the center of your life. You keep on going, acting, and doing what you must do because in your life there is the peace of God. 

God’s peace surpasses all understanding. It does not come from your skills. You do not produce it. It is not the result of something you can do by some natural exercise. It is not the product of something you learn at school and it does not come from friendships, although it is important to have healthy relationships through difficult times. 

This peace is exercised through a life in the Spirit. It is the absolute confidence that your life is in the hands of God. It is resting in His faithfulness and not depending on your skills or strengths. It is not a logical peace, but one that surpasses logic. It means that a psychologist might go crazy analyzing you in your situation despite what they have learned. They might not understand how a person going through such circumstances could remain in peace. 

God’s peace does not come from human beings; the natural mind does not understand it. Tranquility in difficulties only comes from something that God produces. The peace of God will stabilize your soul, and guard your heart, mind, and emotions. The problem is that our soul betrays us, since it reacts to the circumstances of life. Accustomed to governing, it tries to produce reactions of sadness, depression, fear, and everything that the natural mind, soul, heart, and emotions produce in the midst of affliction. However, those reactions take us to a state of anxiety which then confuses our heart and mind, making us chaotic. The peace of God guards our soul and protects us so our condition and circumstances do not govern us. There is a peace that goes beyond the understanding of psychology and of what human beings can do. What governs my life is in the Spirit. 

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