Verse of the Day 6-20-21

The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them.-Proverbs 20:7

Solomon is giving us his answer to nature vs nurture question. And his answer is that both will play a role in the kind of lives that children will grow up to lead. That is why he says, “the righteous lead blameless lives”. He is telling us that the actions and thoughts of a child’s parents play as much if not more of a role in the kind of life that a child will grow up to lead, than the environment that they grow up in. The condition of the house or the neighborhood is not what determines the values that a child will develop. Rather it is the values that a child parents instills in them at a young age that shapes who that child will become. That is why Solomon finishes his thought with these words, “blessed are their children after them.” The “righteous” or the “Godly” instill the right values in their children and thus giving them opportunity to live a blessed life, because they have been shown how to live a blessed life.

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