Verse of the Day 7-5-21

For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.-Psalm 100:5

Does God ever stop loving us? Is God always good all the time? Of course God never stops loving you and of course God is good all the time. But the problem we have in viewing God are the lens that we view God through. We view and see God through the lens of our imperfection and our fallen and sinful nature, which causes us to attribute to God characteristics that only apply to us. We, by are fallen and sinful nature, are prone to base our love on the actions or inactions that those around us do, and we pass that on to God because we do not fully understand God. The same is true of the goodness of God. We, by our fallen and sinful nature, are not “good” all the time. We do things with the wrong motives often. We tend to force or manipulate others into do things that are for our betterment. And pass these attributes on to God and cannot understand how God can be described as being “good” all the time. But the key thing that we keep forgetting is that God is not like us at all. God is good all the time and loves without condition and his love lasts forever. When understand that about God it will truly change your perspective on God and on the world. Because God is then no longer a vengeful angry, who is out to get us and is just waiting for us to mess up so that he can get us. But he becomes a loving God, who is waiting with great expectation for those whom he loves to return.

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