Verse of the Day 7-19-21

Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.-Psalm 105:1

To give praise to God is to thank him for all the things that he has done for us in our life. Also, when we praise God we are telling all those around us of God’s greatness. Because unfortunately most of the people living in the world today know about God, but they don’t know God. They don’t believe that God is the one whom they should be directing their praise and thanksgiving towards on a daily basis. The God they know about is a harsh and unforgiving God whom they believe is out to punish and destroy not to forgive and heal. That is why we are told by the writer of this Psalm to “make known among the nations what he has done”. That is our mission as followers of Christ is to make known to the world all the wonderful things that God has done and all the wonderful things that is full capable of doing for those who completely surrender their life to him. The world will never change if those of us who claim to be followers of Christ meet once a week to sing our praises to God and then never go out and tell the world of the great things that God’s is doing and will do.

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