Verse of the Day 7-20-21

Walk with the wise and become wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.-Proverbs 13:20

We all want to be wise, or at least that is what we all should want. However, most don’t want to spend anytime with those who are wise. In fact most would rather spend their time with people that the Bible would call “fools”. In the Bible to be “foolish” need mean stupid or dumb, but rather it meant to be unwise, to be rash or unthinking. A better description is that a “fool” is carefree and appears easy going, whereas a wise person seems to be worried and uptight all the time. That is why most people will choose to hang out with a “foolish” person, rather than a wise person, because they would rather hang out with someone they can have fun with. Yes you need to have fun and relax, but that does not need to be your primary reason for picking those whom you are going to be spending the bulk of your time with. The people you spend the bulk of your time with should be those who are going to be imparting to you the things that they have learned over the course of their life. Can they have “fun” while doing this? Absolutely, they can but that is not their primary mission. Remember this: make good choices about whom you hang out with.

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