Verse of the Day 7-24-21

Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.-Romans 10:17

How do we acquire faith? Does it come about magically and mysteriously? No we acquire our faith through hearing and accepting the gospel message. And where do we here the gospel message? If only there were someplace or something we could turn to hear this very important message? But there is someplace you can go to hear the gospel message and that is your local church. That is what your local church is there for. They are there to spread the gospel message to everybody and not to be a country club for it’s members. And of course there is something that you can own and possess that tells the gospel message. And that something is the Bible. Yes, the words in the Bible were written by man and yes the Bible was complied by man. But the words written and the books chosen were done so at the direction of God. So if you want to the gospel story of Jesus read your Bible. Because everything in your Bible from Genesis to Revelation puts to only thing and that one thing is Jesus Christ.

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