Verse of the Day 8-29-21

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.-2 Timothy 2:15

Paul wrote these words to his protege Timothy. We don’t know a lot about young Timothy expect that he was born to a Greek father and a Jewish mother, who also happened to be a believer. We do know that Paul viewed Timothy as his spiritual son and that Paul had a special place in his heart for Timothy. That is why of the letters that Paul wrote to individuals two were written to Timothy. The words that Paul wrote to Timothy in his two letters to him are some of Paul’s last recorded words. And they were words of encouragement to man Paul viewed as his spiritual son and his spiritual successor, just as they are words of encouragement to us today. That is why Paul wrote to present or show ourselves as people who have been approved by God and who don’t need the approval of the world. That is why he wrote that we are not to be ashamed of who we have become through Christ and that we are to put “the word of truth” to good use. Paul knew that Timothy would go through tough times, just as we go through tough times, and he knew that Timothy would need words of encouragement that he could look back on to help him through those times, just as we need those words of encouragement today. Find your Timothy, a person that you can mentor and help guide along the spiritual path, so that you pass along spiritual legacy.

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