Verse of the Day 10-20-21

Yet, LORD, you are our Father, we are the clay, and you are our potter, we all are the work of your hands. Isaiah 64:8

Isaiah’s appeal is made to God as a son makes an appeal to his father. God’s fatherhood supersedes even that of father Abraham as well as his son Jacob/Israel, who gave his name to his descendants. Only rarely and in extreme cases will human father disown a delinquent child. Isaiah also appealed to God as the Creator, using the image of the potter and his clay.

This metaphor of God as a “potter” is used in a few key places in prophetic literature. It evokes the description of the creation of Adam from the dust of the ground. The prophets pointed out how crazy it was for God’s creatures, the pots made from clay, to challenge or question their Maker, the Potter. The key to all of this is that God is our father, who created us in his own image.

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