Verse of the Day 2-23-22

The one who pursues righteousness and faithful love
will find life, righteousness, and honor. Proverbs 21:21

To better understand today’s proverb we have to go back to Proverbs 19:22, which says, “What is desirable in a person is his fidelity; better to be a poor person than a liar.” The Hebrew word, used in today’s proverb and in 19:22, “chesed”, is generally translated “faithful love”, it can also mean “fidelity” or “kindness”. It is used of the faithful covenant love that God has for his people. However, there is a homonym “chesed” that means “shame”. So, if every word in the first line of 19:22 is given a negative spin, it reads, “The craving of a human is his shame.” It is “better” to be a faithful “poor person” than someone who craves what he does not have and lies to get it. We must remember that when we pursue Godliness, which is the willful attempt to become more like God and develop his traits for our lives, we will also find God’s blessing.

Today’s Bible Readings:

Leviticus 14, Mark 6:30-56, Psalm 40:1-10 and Proverbs 10:11-12

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