Verse of the Day 3-8-22

Her hands reach out to the poor,
and she extends her hands to the needy. Proverbs 31:20

Today’s passage is part of Solomon’s description of “a wife of noble character.” This description starts in Proverbs 31:10 and runs through Proverbs 31:20 and in those verses Solomon describes an ideal wife and mother-a woman of extraordinary character. A woman whose whole life is centered around honor and reverence for God (v. 30), compassion for those in need (vv. 19-20) and faithfulness and love toward her family (v. 27). This passage does not patronize, which means to speak as though one is inferior, women, and it certainly does not describe an individual with no determination or abilities. Instead, it considers a woman’s capabilities and responsibilities with extremely high respect and honor. This wife and mother works hard, accomplishes much and lives in balance with her independence and commitment to her family. As a result, her family gives her proper recognition and respect. All the ideals described here will probably not be fulfilled in any one woman. But each wife and/or mother can seek to serve God, her family and others with the abilities and material resources that God has given her.

Today’s Bible Readings:

Numbers 10:1-11:23, Mark 14:1-21, Psalm 51:1-19 and Proverbs 10:31-32

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