Verse of the Day 4-3-22

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved. Acts 4:12

Today’s verse should cause us to ask one very important question. What about those who never hear about Jesus?

While there may be no satisfactory answer to this question. The Bible is clear about the exclusive claims of Christ. Yet we also know God is merciful and absolutely just. It would seem to contradict what we know of his nature if he did not account for the disadvantage of those who, through no fault of their own, have never heard of Jesus.

From another perspective we have to say that even those who have heard the name of Jesus do not deserve to be saved. Because salvation is always the result of God’s love for us, not our love for him. It is his grace-not our efforts-that saves us.

Still, God’s grace requires a human response. As Christians we have a responsibility to make Christ known in all the world so people have the opportunity to respond. Ultimately, we can trust God to judge the world justly.

Today’s Bible Readings:

Deuteronomy 23-25, Luke 10:13-37, Psalm 75:1-10 and Proverbs 12:12-14

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