Verse of the Day 4-17-22

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. Matthew 28:6

The resurrection of Jesus is the central truth of the gospel. Apart from the resurrection, we as followers of Christ would have no hope and our faith in God and our testimony about Christ would be useless. Even Jesus’ enemies recognized the potential effect that the message of his resurrection would have so they went to great lengths to prevent his followers from being able to spread such a message, but they could not stop a miracle. They even went so far as to attempt, after the fact, to come up with a plan to suppress the message of the resurrection, and as we now know their plan failed miserably. What then is the importance of Christ’s resurrection to us as believers in him?

  1. It proves he is the Son of God.
  2. It guarantees the effective result of his death for our sins-that it certainly did provide the means of forgiveness and a restored relationship with God.
  3. It verifies the truth of God’s Word.
  4. It is proof of future judgement on the wicked.
  5. It is the foundation for Christ’s gift of the Holy Spirit and renewed spiritual life to his people and for his current ministry in heaven as the intercessor for all who rely on him.
  6. It assures us as Jesus’ followers of our future in heaven and of our resurrection when the Lord returns.
  7. It makes Christ’s presence and power over sin available in our everyday lives.

Today’s Bible Readings:

Joshua 15, Luke 18:18-43, Psalm 86:1-17 and Proverbs 13:9-10

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