Verse of the Day 10-5-22

Who is a God like you,
who pardons sin and forgives the transgression
of the remnant of his inheritance?
You do not stay angry forever
but delight to show mercy.
You will again have compassion on us;
you will tread our sins underfoot
and hurl all our iniquities into the depths of the sea.
You will be faithful to Jacob,
and show love to Abraham,
as you pledged on oath to our ancestors
in days long ago. Micah 7:18-20

Hope is based on God’s unchanging character. “Who is a God like you…?” is a question everyone should ponder. Only God can solve our greatest problem-sin. Micah described God’s forgiveness as “forgiving iniquities” from his sight and “passing over rebellion” as no longer relevant. God would “vanquish” their “iniquities” like a conqueror, and cast their “sins” into the “depths of the sea.” God will deal with people’s sins completely. Yahweh is incomparable, gracious and merciful, compassionate, loyal, faithful and loving (Exodus 34:6-7). He covenanted with their forefathers, Jacob and Abraham (Genesis 22:17 and 28:14) and would forever show “loyalty” and “faithful love” to the people of his covenant. Anyone in covenant relationship with him may rest securely in hope because of his unchanging character.

Today’s Bible Readings:

Jeremiah 4:19-6:15, Colossians 1:18-2:7, Psalm 77:1-20 and Proverbs 24:23-25


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