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Advent: The Journey to Christmas, Day 20

Advertisements Store It Up There’s a moment in the midst of the busyness of the Christmas night when the Bible notes that, “Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Picture Mary taking a step back and soaking up every detail. Her baby boy had arrived. Joseph was still by her […]

Advent: The Journey to Christmas, Day 19

Advertisements Faith Without Hesitation Think of a time when you heard from God, whether it was a promise, a confirmation, or a conviction. What was your immediate response? Did you act on what He said, or did you sit and ponder whether it was really His voice? Maybe you were sure you heard what He […]

Verse of the Day 12-19-20

Advertisements God is your source of peace and joy. When you look back at all God has done for you, you can’t help but praise him, even in the midst of your most difficult circumstances. The apostle Paul wrote the letter to the Philippian church while he was in a Roman prison awaiting execution. […]

Advent: The Journey to Christmas, Day 18

Advertisements The Amazing Were Amazed Can you imagine what the shepherds experienced when an army of “heavenly hosts” appeared that Christmas night? They were simply tending their sheep in a field, and suddenly: a sky full of angels. It’s likely they had heard of angels, but actually seeing one was probably both terrifying and amazing. […]

Advent: The Journey to Christmas, Day 17

Advertisements Be Faithful In The Small Things God loves to operate differently from the world’s perspective. He doesn’t honor people for the same reasons the world honors them. He values faithfulness over fame and humility over power. On the night of His greatest miracle, instead of revealing it first to kings or world leaders, God […]

Verse of the Day 12-17-20

Advertisements Paul reminds us to rejoice always, to be continually praying and to always be thankful. Joy and happiness are not the same thing. Happiness is a feeling that can change from day to day, whereas joy is a state of mind. You can choose to be joyful or rejoice even when you are […]

Advent: The Journey to Christmas, Day 16

Advertisements The Business Of Exceeding Expectations Because of prophecy, the Jewish people had anticipated a savior for centuries, and they were expecting a royal king who’d set them free and establish an earthy kingdom. Imagine their surprise and disbelief when they were told their savior was born to a common family in a manager in […]