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How to Love Your Neighbors, Day 4

Difficult People We’re finishing this Plan with perhaps the hardest aspect of loving our neighbor. Inevitably, we’ll encounter people who are just more difficult to love. People in this category might have different beliefs or viewpoints then we do, and we can often find ourselves frustrated when they don’t agree with us.  We don’t have to stay […]

How to Love Your Neighbors, Day 3

Strangers  In Luke 10, Jesus tells a story about a man who was attacked and left for dead on the side of the road. A priest saw the man and crossed the road to avoid him. Another person who worked in the Temple did the same thing. But, a Samaritan—who was despised by many Jewish […]

How to Love Your Neighbor, Day 2

The People We Know All of us have people in our lives that we’re close to. It may seem easy to love the people we know well, but in reality, sometimes it isn’t. Loving our neighbors means we love them on the easy days and on the hard days. We applaud their successes and comfort […]

How to Love Your Neighbors, Day 1

In a world where so much division and tension exists, we’d all be better off if we learned to love others-even if it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable. In this 4 day plan, we’ll discuss who our neighbors are and how to love them. Who’s My Neighbor? Love your neighbor. Whether you’re familiar with the Bible or not, […]