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Advent: The Journey to Christmas, Day 17

Be Faithful In The Small Things God loves to operate differently from the world’s perspective. He doesn’t honor people for the same reasons the world honors them. He values faithfulness over fame and humility over power. On the night of His greatest miracle, instead of revealing it first to kings or world leaders, God sent […]

Advent: The Journey to Christmas, Day 16

The Business Of Exceeding Expectations Because of prophecy, the Jewish people had anticipated a savior for centuries, and they were expecting a royal king who’d set them free and establish an earthy kingdom. Imagine their surprise and disbelief when they were told their savior was born to a common family in a manager in Bethlehem, […]

Advent: The Journey to Christmas, Day 15

God Isn’t Far Away In Joseph’s dream, the angel revealed that the birth of Jesus would fulfill centuries-old prophecy and end the separation that had existed between God and man since the first sin in the Garden of Eden. Joseph learned that Jesus would be “God with us”. How easy it can be to forget […]

Advent: The Journey to Christmas, Day 14

The Peace Of Divine Purpose Fear can stop you in your tracks. It can make you run and hide. Satan love to distracts us with fear to keep us from seeing the safety of God’s direction. Fear threatened the fulfillment of Christmas multiple times, and was intentional to remind His story’s key players over and […]

Advent: The Journey to Christmas, Day 13

Value God’s Opinion Most After God revealed His plan for Mary to be the virgin mother of Jesus, she responded with an incredible song of praise. She glorified God for His willingness to use someone humble to carry out His great purpose, and she praised Him for His mercy, faithfulness, and power in fulfilling His […]

Advent: The Journey to Christmas, Day 12

The Power of Belief Something powerful happens when we trust God enough to not only hear what He says, but believe it. If you believe what God says is true and that His plan for you will lead to the best possible outcome, that trust results in peace and blessing. After Mary encountered the angel […]

Advent: The Journey to Christmas, Day 11

What’s On the Other Side of Your “Yes”? Mary makes it seem so easy. The angel Gabriel tells her that she’ll give birth to the son of God, and she responds with immediate surrender to her role in God’s plan. What was Mary thinking? She had no assurance of a comfortable outcome. A virgin engaged […]

Advent: The Journey to Christmas, Day 10

The God of the Impossible In Luke 1:34, after the angel told Mary she would conceive Jesus, she asked him, “How can this be, since I am a virgin?” Mary did what we often do when we can’t see how things are going to work out. She questioned how something that seemed impossible could be […]

Advent: The Journey to Christmas, Day 8

The Great Exchange Jesus came to earth to give us the gifts of acceptance, peace, healing, and forgiveness, but those gifts were not cheap. We could never afford what Jesus came to provide, and gratefully, we don’t have to. God now accepts us, not because of our own good behavior, but because Jesus paid the […]